All rights reserved. Harvey maps. A swipe up from this interface will show the remaining mileage and elevation of the route. Use ViewRanger to plan, navigate, record, and share your outdoor adventures. It’s just nice to leave your phone in the car, but it generally needs to tag along in case of an emergency. Plus, the route-finding and sharing aspect is a way to provide or glean helpful route tips, easily repeat a route you loved, or complete a friend’s suggested path. There are over 20 offline map types to choose from, and you can download more than one (e.g., Satellite, Terrain, Street, etc.). There’s a subscription package for £30 a year or a bit cheaper if you go onto auto-renew. ... VR supports OS maps, however OS will not allow them to use the digital codes that come with the paper maps. Dealing with a phone while hiking, biking, skiing, or climbing can be frustrating. Switch to a different map style using the choice in the top right. ... ViewRanger for Wear OS. Is there a function to print a section of Map? This functionality allows you to forget about the nagging feeling of being lost and truly engage with the surroundings. FunkyDunc. However, confusingly, the subscriptions do not pass from one platform to the other. Along with obscuring views, bad weather might also mean you want to be on the move. The catch is it only works with iOS. This entry was posted in Knowledge and tagged ordnance survey maps, os maps, Scotland, skottland, tgo challenge, tgo challenge 2018, tgoc2018, uk, viewranger by André - See the Casio Pro Trek smartwatch here. I was concerned about app bloat, slower loading times, invisible data use and – most importantly – user distraction. They blow the Backcountry Navigator maps out of the water! With a route ready to go, you can then follow it with your phone’s GPS (but please note the disclaimer above), with an arrow showing your location on the map. I’ve been using Viewranger for the last few years and subscription due. Now, that tech is smartwatch-compatible. On the full-screen map tab, you'll find a map layers icon that takes you … A menu bar across the top allows the user to cycle through other views, such as a full-screen map option, the app's social feed, a search option, and preferences. when trying get to a new crag. This makes it easier to decide if you should keep going or weather the incoming storm. Plan runs, rides and walks with this selection of navigation aids – all of which allow you create, follow and share hiking and cycling routes, Mon 4 May 2020 05.00 EDT A £4.99 annual subscription unlocks functions including automatic route generation – which makes plotting routes on paths easier – plus live tracking and augmented reality (including a feature that brings up virtual arrows showing your route in the real world). Author Topic: OS Map dowloads on Viewranger (Read 3847 times) astaman. • Member. My favourite is ViewRanger ( which has free apps for Android and iOS with free, downloadable maps from Open Street Map, Open Cycle Map etc available worldwide. We asked five pros how they made it work and what it takes to make a living in the outdoor industry "in real life.". I have a bit of a thing about social media muscling in to places where it doesn’t belong, and I saw this as an example of an important utility trying … Support us! The free, registered version provides access to Britain-wide basic mapping, plus the ability to create, print and share routes with other users. Once the maps are downloaded on the watch, there’s no need for a Wi-Fi or cell signal. Last April, ViewRanger launched an updated app with optimized features for Casio’s newest smartwatch, the Pro Trek WSD-F30. This combination is ideal for keeping pace and staying on the proper trail. The ViewRanger app is free and comes with basic maps, but to use it effectively for hillwalking you need Ordnance Survey mapping. Try FREE for 7 days. Backcountry Navigator – These look fine and are perfectly good enough to locate yourself on the hill. I did a lot of walking with the OS Landranger Maps (1:50000 scale) during my D of E quite some time ago. Mojipic: Road Rage (or Joy Riding) Gets a New Face, Hipcamp $25 Million Funding Is ‘Vote of Confidence’ in the Outdoors. With the Pro Trek WSD-F30’s OLED Display and touch screen, this means that users can keep their adventures on track without a smartphone connection. The app has nice community elements, such as users being able to pin “highlights”’ on the map for others to see. No problem either way. A close contender to Viewranger, the Ordnance Survey has its own OS Maps app with 500,000 routes and alls its maps available on all your devices. Me and the Wife are looking to do some walking in areas such as the lake district and peak district. By clicking on an affiliate link, you accept that third-party cookies will be set. When back at the trailhead, review the GPS track and stats provided. ViewRanger provides terrain maps for the world, and partners with official mapping agencies in 24 countries. Sprawling an unwieldy and mug-stained Ordnance Survey sheet across a kitchen table to plan a walk is one of life’s great joys. The brand notes this is helpful in poor, cloudy weather when visibility is low. I feel that the OS Maps app is better at some things but more clunky to use. Enter start and finish points and it works out a route for you, along roads, paths and trails – like a car GPS. This article is sponsored by ViewRanger and Casio. Posted in Knowledge | Tagged ordnance survey maps , os maps , Scotland , skottland , tgo challenge , tgo challenge 2018 , tgoc2018 , uk , viewranger | Leave a reply With Premium + Ordnance Survey maps, get unlimited access to all Explorer and Landranger maps for Great Britain. Responsive and helpful support team too. If you’ve never used an online mapping tool before, their interfaces take varying degrees of getting to grips with. All ViewRanger products come with free unlimited access to a wide range of global web based mapping layers from street and terrain to aerial photo imagery - we call these "web maps". More than 5 million explorers around the globe use this GPS navigation app (including 400-plus search-and-rescue teams) to plan, navigate, and share outdoor adventures. Printing Maps from Viewranger/OS/Or Equivalent. It marks specific peaks or destinations (potentially iconic) within the area so you don’t miss them. GearJunkie may earn a small commission from affiliate links in this article. What’s more, Casio’s Pro Trek WSD-F30 smartwatch is built with the brand’s signature durability, including 50m water resistance, low- and high-temperature resistance, and vibration and shock resistance. As well as Ordnance Survey, Viewranger offers digital versions of more specialist walking maps, such as Harvey, and it’s possible to buy and use top-quality mapping abroad (remember abroad?). Viewranger v OS Maps v Other. It works with OpenStreetMap, a worldwide open-source map, which is less detailed than Ordnance Survey, but fine for rambling. OS maps have a subscription facility which you use on the OS app. Unlimited OS maps for Great Britain Try FREE for 7 days. Enter a location and it provides a selection of ready-made routes nearby, each with at-a-glance information such as map, description, difficulty level, useful attributes (eg dog-friendly), even a weather forecast – plus features including Google Maps directions to the walk start. However, for longer and more remote backpacking trips (or even hunting), the ability to download detailed, full-color maps for offline use can become extremely valuable. Sharing in-depth conversations between the world's adventurers, athletes, and outdoorspeople, The GearJunkie Podcast is your inside look into the outdoors industry. Probably don’t use all of Viewranger, and find it slightly clunky. gavinpeach 15 Apr 2018. More information. When hiking, you can view your stats (altitude, distance, duration, elevation gain/loss) directly on the watch and then sync your track to your ViewRanger account when you’re back in service. You can view your recorded track on a full-color, offline topographic map on your watch, a capability that no other smartwatch app currently has. This is similar to the automatic route-finding features found in other apps, though there is also a surprisingly detailed description of the difficulty and the underfoot terrain. Viewranger – Again, this is much better than the Backcountry Navigator mapping. ** Premium Maps: Upgrade to see terrain and trail details other maps miss. Hi, I have a 7 day trial for Viewranger. Genuine OS Maps in scales 1M, 250K, 50K and 25K. Features include offline maps for use without a cell or Wi-Fi signal, interactive route guides, and augmented reality. I've been using ViewRanger for over 6 years and find it indispensable. It’s important to have a backup navigational tool, and the smartwatch ViewRanger app is now another option to add to the mix. OS Mapfinder – The quality is outstanding! Do you have an iPhone or an Android? On longer and more involved outings, phones can also act as a backup navigational tool. Last modified on Mon 4 May 2020 05.38 EDT. Memory Map: Tracklogs: Manage Content. Download topographic maps and trails from top publishers, plus active gps navigation, BuddyBeacon and more. Chief among them is the ability to find or build routes, then select and download more than 20 offline map styles directly to the smartwatch. The app works in conjunction with a web version, so you can pore over the maps and routes on a large screen, which is a lot easier than trying to fiddle around with them on your phone. These maps do not include the Premium upgrade, and are downloaded in a different way. Discover inspiring trails, download offline maps, and navigate with confidence on your next hike, bike ride, backpacking trip, ski holiday, or outdoor adventure. Discover routes, navigate with GPS and offline maps, and track outdoor adventures. If you have an iPhone it's a similar deal: you can download the app for £14.99 with 8,000 square kilometres of OS 1:50,000 maps, or you can choose another country or scale. You may unsubscribe at any time. Finally, there’s a unique Buddy Beacon position which allows you to share your position on the map with other ViewRanger users in real time. The offline capabilities of the watch and maps you downloaded previously work without a connection. Email me and I will send you a free copy of the app. The vibration function doesn’t solely work for intersections, as it also marks various waypoints. Or buy the map. (The Skyline function uses your phone camera to name surrounding peaks, lakes, and other features. The pinch motion on the touchscreen watch allows users to zoom in on maps to accurately depict where they’re located. LEARN MORE. If you buy a map then you can view it in My.ViewRanger - for example, download the tile using your phone, or buy and activate a pre-chosen map. These can be user-uploaded routes or routes uploaded from one of ViewRanger’s publisher partners (e.g., local tourism boards, outfitters, guiding companies, etc.). Viewranger can be seen as a beefed-up alternative to OS Maps (albeit with a clunkier interface), offering many of the same features – alongside … Downloading maps by-the-tile: Download the free country overview map in the app using Menu tab (in green bar), Map Shop; Open the free overview map and press the map options icon (in top right corner of the map) Choose "Get more premium tiles" 3 – Route Planning. This article contains affiliate links, which means we may earn a small commission if a reader clicks through and makes a purchase. Go outdoors, anywhere: ViewRanger works offline without mobile and data signals. This helps to create peace of mind in the backcountry, especially if you’re on a trail that isn’t well-signed. For £24.99 you can get Ordnance Survey map coverage across Britain.•, Best for country ramblingWorks with iOS, Android, webThis is a handy app if you’re looking for “off the shelf” walks in a particular area. © 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. ViewRanger - help desk and customer service portal. ), Smartphones are powerful navigation tools right out of the box. Viewranger has lots of good features, especially on the Symbian platform which … It’s now possible to sync the watch with the app, uploading the map directly to your wrist. A new collaboration between Casio and mapping tech company ViewRanger lets adventurers leave their phone at home and access detailed maps right on a watch face. A £29.99 annual subscription unlocks Explorer and Landranger mapping, plus other gimmicky – but undeniably fun – features, such as 3D walk flythroughs and augmented reality showing local hill names and landmarks. Learn more. This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings. Technically I don't believe the maps are GPX files, routes and tracks are but not maps. Via the ViewRanger app, it’s possible to download maps for offline use before hitting the trail. Some routes come with photos, waypoints, and descriptions that auto-populate into the watch. Our mobile app runs on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Android smartphones, tablets, and watches. However, its main selling point is the easily browsable collection (5,889 in England alone) of curated walks. Welcome to the ViewRanger support center where you'll find support documentation request submission forms. All, however, share a similar system: you plot a dot-to-dot route using waypoints and the app automatically generates information on the route (distance, elevation, and sometimes duration). I also haven’t field tested is like I have with Viewranger hence I can’t make any recommendations based on experience. The ViewRanger for Wear OS app is designed for both smartphone systems or can be used by itself. No worries. All our journalism is independent and is in no way influenced by any advertiser or commercial initiative. However this has kinda been overtaken somewhat now you can use data in Europe as I now use google or Apple maps to navigate, ViewRanger is still good for walking. Best for general hiking and hillwalkingWorks with iOS, Android, webWith the weight of Ordnance Survey (Britain’s national mapping agency) behind it this will be all many walkers need. I urge you to read my original postfor the background on why I think there’s a problem here. Enter before February 8th for your chance to win. The ViewRanger for Wear OS app is designed for both smartphone systems or can be used by itself. I can't see … >> BEST-IN-CLASS OUTDOOR MAPS ViewRanger offers several map types, including: ** Free Worldwide Maps: Street maps, aerial and satellite imagery, and terrain maps. Download Great Britain Ordnance Survey® Explorer 1:25,000 & Landranger 1:50,000 maps. We tested the best winter boots for women in 2021, including winter hiking boots, snow boots, extra-warm boots, and winter rain boots. Great for group use, for letting loved ones check on your position or sharing via the My Viewranger web site. Free Global open-source geographic maps are available, streamed over data connection and can be cached for offline use. It is also possible to import and archive gpx files (the standard file format for hiking routes). Ordnance Survey maps aren’t available, but the mapping provided is usable for rambling and country walking. NordicTrack wants to give you $7,500 toward your dream adventure. The watch incorporates a vibration function that provides guidance at trail intersections. •, Best for easily planning a routeWorks with iOS onlyThis is a great app for creating a walking route with minimal fuss. The ViewRanger Premium + OS maps for Great Britain provides a wealth of offline mapping options including a Great Britain overview Map, alongside more detailed maps of smaller areas that can be selected and downloaded in the same way as OS Maps. With ViewRanger, you can choose the best map to use and you'll always know your mapped location even where there’s no mobile signal. Upon opening ViewRanger, you're offered a split-screen with a searchable map on top and a results list on bottom, which shows trails and routes shared by others. Download Great Britain Ordnance Survey® Explorer 1:25,000 & Landranger 1:50,000 maps. In between, you'll find some useful filters to help you narrow down your search: activity type, distance, difficulty, and so on. In summary: 1. As with other apps here, AllTrails makes it possible to create and follow your own routes. Maps can be bought as tiles or by area. Explore more with Wear OS smartwatches. But an app called ViewRanger can make them all the more useful. An online community for hiking, walking, cycling, mountain biking, running, horse riding, travelling by car and more. As I have an android phone, the android app is what we will cover here. Here's how to locate your position on the map screen in the ViewRanger app. Viewranger is a digital outdoor mapping tool, it has phone apps for major platforms such as android and iPhone and also works with WearOS to allow you to view maps on the move even easier. Here are some of the options. ViewRanger is your digital guide to the outdoors with downloadable route guides, outdoor maps, and powerful GPS navigation features. For an easy and well-marked trail, the ViewRanger smartwatch app may be a bit overkill. 2. If you have bought premium maps and do not see them in My.ViewRanger: The ViewRanger app is able to find routes near your GPS location, or you can search for specific places. I've bought loads of OS Maps at 1:50,000 and 1:25,000 over the years. Let me give you a free copy of Gaia GPS, and if you'd like to share a comparison here, that'd be welcome. Many times, bad weather can dull the effect of being in such a beautiful place or have you looking in the wrong direction. The ViewRanger app has been around for almost 11 years. Viewranger also have the facility for you to take out an OS subscription to use on their app. © Copyright 2020 GearJunkie, All Rights Reserved, Unfailing Goods at Killer Prices: Our Picks From Filson's Annual Winter Sale, The Origins of Snowboarding: 'Made in the Mitten' Is a Must-Watch, 'Despair on the Colorado Trail': A Bikepacker's First FKT Attempt, The Best Backcountry Ski Bindings of 2021, 'Freeze': Take a Break and Watch This Short, Sweet Ski Film, Bikepack Beekeeping: The Craziest Quarantine Activity You’ve Never Heard Of, Watch Now: X Games Skiers Hit the Backcountry, The Bestselling Gear at Backcountry This Week, Last-Minute Gifts: Up to 40% Off Gear During REI's Sale. Want to hit up another trail that day but don’t have service? History. •, Best for more challenging hillwalking and trekking overseasWorks with iOS, Android, web, Apple Watch, Wear OSViewranger can be seen as a beefed-up alternative to OS Maps (albeit with a clunkier interface), offering many of the same features – alongside extra ones that more “committed” walkers tend to appreciate. In a pinch, users can open a downloaded map and use a phone’s GPS to find their location along the route — even without cell service. Bookmark the permalink. It costs £4.99 but its streamlined interface – which is far more intuitive than any other app of its kind – makes route-plotting a breeze. ( ask for Ashli)We haven't used ViewRanger, but judging by reviews and such … Tags: apps, casio, smartwatch, viewranger, watch. Available for everyone, funded by readers. Read more…. Many of the apps described here can also be used as navigation aids when actually on the walk, although any digital tool should only be used a supplement to – not as a replacement for – being able to navigate with a paper map and compass. By signing up, you agree to receive emails from GearJunkie and Helux. However, the iPhone version and the android version work and run exactly the same. Crystal Clear OS Mapping. From next-gen tech to ingenious innovation, our weekly peek at emerging products examines the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design. 2 – Map Quality. New poster to this Reddit, looking for some advise regarding OS Map Scales. •, Best for sharing routes with other peopleWorks with iOS, Android, web, Apple Watch, Samsung Gear, Wahoo, GarminKomoot’s main claim is to take the effort out of planning a ride, run or hike. But while poring over a paper map will always have its place, today there is a large and rapidly growing array of sophisticated digital tools to help with the business of planning hikes – a good way of sating wanderlust until the lockdown lifts. Downloaded routes on the watch aren’t just GPS tracks. It’s a rugged piece of hardware that can handle expedition-level excursions. LEARN MORE. Examples of prices are £90 for the whole of Great Britain at 1:50,000, and £27.49 for the Lake District National Park and £55 for the Cairngorms National Park at 1:25,000. So your subscription can only be used on the OS app. It's been great for hiking, scrambing, road cycling and when drive, e.g. “ViewRanger is the only app that lets you download and view offline OS maps on your phone, watch and tablet – making it easier than ever to get started on your adventures.” Ordnance Survey maps display key off-road navigational features including peak names, contours, crags, footpaths, campsites, hostels and … Features include offline maps for use without a cell or … It's easy to use because I've been using OS mapping since I was a kid. Premium maps available to purchase if you need them. Once a trail is found, you are able to select which type of map to download to the watch. Add content such as video files, image files, documents and others to your Digital Map waypoints, tracks and routes. Missing maps? It’s one of 250 apps that Google awarded its Android Excellence Award. Most of the time, it’s nice to have it tucked away in order to focus on the current environment. An update to ViewRanger introduced a new social feed to an app that had previously been focused 100% on precision digital outdoor navigation. In a growing number of countries, we also supply full topographic mapping from Geosciences agencies. New Topic Reply to Topic. The lack of Ordnance Survey mapping is a downside, though what’s available is fine for most rambling. Check out the ViewRanger app for iOS, Android, and smartwatches here. You can also access OS maps on My Viewranger and plan and export routes from there.